Blazing Bridals

It happened four years ago when staying at the Banff Springs Hotel in the tourist mountain town of Banff, Alberta. There's an old tale that during a wedding several years ago (late 1800's) a death occurred on the grand staircase leading from the main foyer down to the reception area in the basement. The bride had a long flowing gown, which snagged a floor stand candelabrum while descending the stairs. The candelabrum fell onto her flowing dress, spewing the hot wax and flames from the candles onto the garment. It ignited and sent her screaming into the reception room ablaze where she died in agony in front of her newlywed groom. Ever since, there have been reports that she has been periodically seen roaming the halls of the old hotel in her magnificent wedding gown.

Knowing this, we took a Ouija board on our ski trip and set it up in one of our rooms. My friends and I gathered and asked if she would visit us tonight in the grand foyer.

It answered, " Y e s . "

So around midnight we all gathered in the grand foyer waiting for the bride to appear. After a short period we got a little restless and started to joke around about the whole affair. We returned to the room disappointed. A friend thought we should ask her (with the Ouija board) why she didn't show.


. . . and after the last letter was spelled out the lights went out and the bathroom door slammed shut.

We gathered our things and checked out that night. Needless to say, I haven't played with an Ouija board since !!

Where it Happened: Banff, Alberta

(Courtesy of by Terry W. from St. Albert, Alberta Canada and