Bowers Harbor Inn

Location: 15 Miles North of Traverse City, MI

The Bowers Harbor Inn is famous for its haunting. Before becoming a resort the house belonged to an elderly couple for many
years. Because the lady became quite infirm the husband had an elevator installed. The lady became rather deranged before
finally dying, preceding her husband by only a few months. After that the house lay empty for several years. From the time the
Bowers Harbor Inn began operating, the employees have reported seeing the wife in a second floor mirror, light switches that
turn off and on by themselves, and the elevator taking unrequested trips up and down. Several times the manager has closed the
place down for the evening, turning all of the lights off and locking the freezer door, only to find every light in the building
(including those behind locked doors) blazing away, and the freezer door unlocked and standing open. There are also
unconfirmed reports by patrons of the fireplaces lighting themselves.

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