Haunted Cafe/Hotel

Well ok there have been some more occurrences in the cafe part of the hotel that I should post because they are rather
strange and creepy. Ok now if you have kept up with the other parts to this story you can get an idea of what has been
going on. Now I cant remember if I said anything about one of the old cooks that used to work there or not but he hung
himself downstairs in the storage room but if I didn't you know now he he. Ok well lately there has been strange stuff
happening while my hubby works (he's the cook). For one the water in the sink will just turn on when no one is there and
sometimes the lid to the garbage can will open and shut when no one is around. Also the little basket they make for
fries will drop in the oil. They believe it was this cook that killed himself. Sometimes out of the corner of your eye you
will see someone leaning against one of the fridges but when you look nothing is there. You also smell his cologne that
he always wore which was Old Spice. No one else wears it. There has also been times when plastic lids will fall of
shelves. They also have a radio to listen to while they cook and it always switches to a country station (music the old
cook listened to). Now this all just started happening and he killed himself awhile ago so something must be up. I'll
keep ya posted on that. Now something else that I saw that happened was, someone told me that if you walk across the
street and look up at the hotel windows you will see the curtains either move or shut real quickly. Well I wanted to try
it out so it was late at night and I walked across the street and looked up and sure enough on the very top I saw a
curtain shut real fast like as if someone caught me looking at them and shut it real quick. Now keep in mind the hotel is
shut down and is planning on being made to a bed and breakfast so everything is locked up. I stayed there awhile just
looking to see if I could see anything else and on one of the bottom windows the curtain was shut but I saw it open a
little bit like someone was peeking out and then shut real quick. If I have my layout right that is the room with the
hookers spirit in it (read other parts of story). I stayed around longer and nothing happened so I left. Now also for you
out there none of the windows are open so it cant be air because its pretty cold here. I know those curtains were
opened by something......

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