Hotel Horror Stories

The following entries are all hotel horror stories.  They are true stories of either extremely weird or bad things happening at hotels.  They include stories that may be tragic, but working in our industry these things happen and we want to hear about it.  Essentially what we want to know is what is the worst  things that have happened to you or your co-workers when working.  If you have a story you would like to submit, please select here and give us a description of the event.

"I have only had one person ever die at my hotel (thank God!).   A lady came running in the front door screaming and crying so we ran out to see an elderly lady laying in the parking lot.  One of my GSA's and I ran and started CPR on her but she didn't make it.  The worst part was that the lady was their for her great grand daughters wedding the next day so the grand daughter had to deal with that the day before she got married."

(Courtesy of Travis, Stevens Point, WI )

"This isn't really a horror story, but it is a little weird.  When I was working a desk shift at the Bloomington, MN Fairfield Inn I had a tall guy check in.  He was standing there with Mexican man talking and joking with us  while we registered them.  After we gave him his keys the two of them went to the room.  About 10 minutes later the tall man came back down looking extremely serious,  pulled out an FBI badge, and told us, 'No one is to go in or out of that room.  If anyone calls, he is not here.  Do you understand?'  I don't have a clue why they were hiding the guy out there, but it was a little freaky."

(Courtesy of Travis, Stevens Point, WI)

The Middleton Fairfield Inn had a guest die in the room about 1 1/2  - 2 years ago.  We never heard if it was a suicide or a death of natural causes.  He seemed to be very depressed none the less.  By the time he was found, he was dead on the bed and he had been going to the bathroom anywhere he wanted in the room.

(Courtesy of Troy, Middleton Fairfield Inn)

"When I was working as a GSA at the Comfort Inn in Eau Claire, WI I had two gentleman come up and ask me who was working the desk last night.  I told them that I had been on the desk the 3-11.  They both pulled out US Marshall badges and asked to see the records of one of our guests.  I vaguely remember the guy that I registered and I asked them why they were looking for him.  They said that he had shot and killed two police officers in Chicago the day before.  He had used his credit card to pay for the room so they had tracked him to our hotel because of that.  The guy ended up already being gone, but it is strange to think that I stood there two feet from a guy who had earlier that day killed two people."

(Courtesy of Travis, Stevens Point, WI)