Middleton Fairfield Inn

The Fairfield Inn in Middleton was one of the unlucky hotels to have a guest die in one of their rooms (See Hotel Horror Stories).  Ever since that event numerous employees have seen and heard things that would really make you a believer in spirits.  When some housekeepers would enter a room to service it  they would see the ghost of the gentleman who died just sitting on the bed.  Mysteriously he would just vanish in front of them.  On different occasions all the lights and the TV would be on in that room, but when housekeeping would enter everything would immediately turn off.  Guest Service Agents (GSA) working the night audit would also see and hear strange occurrences.  There would be strange sounds late at night as though someone was there, but no one was around.  On another evening, one GSA was in the backroom watching the video screen that monitors the front desk.  He witnessed all the brochures and papers on the desk being moved from one side of the 15 foot counter to the other.

(Courtesy of Troy, Middleton Fairfield Inn)